Morvern Undiscovered

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Transport corridors; such as roads, railways and canals are often seen as potential nature reserves, areas not heavily used or trodden by the public. Many verges besides roads and tracks are havens for all sorts of plants and animals. Verges are managed to a minimum on quiet rural roads and tracks are not managed at all.

Beside every road or track there is often an area / strip of land that is unmanaged, not subject to constant cutting back or herbicides to eradicate Bracken. These verges often result in mini wild flower meadows enriched in some instances by the materials brought in to construct the road or track. This ironically is often due to leaching as rain percolates through either the surface material or the sub base which can alter the chemical composition of the immediate area for example an acidic peaty soil can be neutralized or the acidity reduced by the effect of limestone leaching out alkalines. As such quite diverse vegetation can become established more associated with the calcium rich soils of limestone areas


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