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Sithean Na Raplaich


Sithean Na Raplaich

Summit height 544m total height ascended approximately 624m + approximately 13km.

(The fairy hill of the Screes) 551 metres, approximately eight miles.

From the Forestry Commission car park west of Savary Bridge and river on the B849, follow the sign posted cycle route along a grassed path which runs through the Savary Glen. The route is grass in most places with peaty sections which are muddy after heavy rain. For a short section the path joins a wide stoned forest track in a felled area; used by large timber wagons, which crosses the Savary River. Just before the bridge leave the track and follow the cycle route/grassed path through the woodland keeping to the west of the Savary River. After heading North North East the river splits into two and the route continues following the North Westerly stream Alt Nam Macriadh around Teanga Shamhairidh, the route eventually comes out onto another forest track. At this point follow the track Nrth East for a short section and then leave the track and follow the Alt Nam Macriadh North as it crosses under the track via a piped culvert; there is no visible route by the side of the stream just follow its course to the boundary of the forestry and moorland.

At this boundary there is a high stock proof fence line; however at the time there was a clear gap in the fence, so access to the moor was possible. If this gap is repaired then access may be difficult.

Once onto the open moorland follow the stream heading in a North Westerly direction to the ridge and summit beyond; set back from the original view from the boundary line. Conditions under foot on the moor comprise tussock grass with some boggy areas. Views on a good day are very good,

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