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In view of the above average rainfall and the vast areas of peat bogs and wet ground in the area you might expect there to be more big rivers and water courses on Morvern. However there are a number of major rivers: River Rannoch, Alt Beitheach, Abhainn a'Ghlinne Ghil, Aline, Black Water, Glencrispesdale Burn, Laudale, Glengalmadale and Inversanda River. Of these rivers a few display what might be regarded as an unusual or interrupted flow; usually rivers rising in the moorlands over the millennia have cut down through the rock Layers and then created a meandering profile; eroiding materials from the bank on one side and depositing it further down, producing a repetitive 'S' shape as it progresses downstream. However in a few instances; the Rivers Rannoch, Black Water and Glengalmadale, all have had their flows interrupted by lochs, which has affected the continuous flow of the river. An opposite to this is the River Aline which has in contrast from its forebears upstream has a very unusual straight course, which can only be explained by geology and the rock formations beneath.

Rivers are ecosystems in their own right, and the life that thrives within is determined by the rate of flow of the river, the land it flows over and its own valley systems. Waterfalls develop over harder rock creating deep pools where water has eroded the softer rock layers, different vegetation can develop in these areas; different to that of the surrounding land. In moorland areas, streams often have small trees growing in their valleys and in the lower slopes, woodland plants take hold whilst the surrounding area is moorland or Conifer Woods. These areas attract other life, Pied and Grey Wagtails thrive, Otters, Mink, Water Vole and Water Shrew all frequent such places and bigger mammals come to such streams and rivers. In quiet upland streams dragonflies and darters patrol the water for smaller invertebrates.


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