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Grasslands: For the purpose of this site the definition of grasslands is the area of land predominantly used for the purpose of rearing livestock; some lowland areas are fenced off for grazing livestock or silage collection, these look like ordinary fields with an assortment of grasses and sedges. Albeit these areas don't look as if they have a high diversity of wildlife they can in fact provide a vital habitat for a wide range of plants and animals.

Where grazing takes place in upland areas the first vegetation to disappear are the tree seedlings, heather and dwarf species can also suffer if sustained grazing is maintained, the reason for this is that the growing part of the plant is in the succulent new growth at the shoot or branch tips. Grasses and sedges are tolerant to grazing as they grow just from above the ground level at lower points of the plant, that's why in some areas prone to grazing, vegetation is limited. In contrast to these areas some which are only grazed lightly or left for silage, can develop a rich flora.

The main livestock that are reared on Morvern are sheep and beef cattle:

Sheep Breeds:


Useful Terms:

  • Ewe: A female sheep capable of producing lambs. In areas where "gimmer" or similar terms are used for young females, may refer to a female only after her first lamb. In some areas the term "yow" is used.
  • Lamb: A young sheep in its first year.
  • Gimmer: A young female sheep, usually before her first lamb (especially used in the north of England and Scotland.
  • Hog: Hogget or hogg - a young sheep of either sex from about 9 to 18 months of age (until it cuts two teeth).
  • Ram: An un-castrated adult male sheep. Also tup.
  • Shearling:One year old sheep, from which one crop of wool has been taken.
  • Wether: (or Wedder): - a castrated male sheep
  • Yow: Local term for "ewe" in some areas.

Beef Breeds:


Useful Terms:

  • Bull: An un-castrated adult male
  • Cow: An adult female who has had one or two calves
  • Calve: A young animal still being weaned
  • Weaners:Once weaned they are weaners until they are about one year old; particularly with beef cattle, they may be known as feeder-calves or simply feeders.
  • Heifer: The term for a young female animal prior to having a calf; in some areas this can also refer to a young female that has had one calf.
  • Bullock: A castrated male.


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