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Beinn na h Uamha


Acharn to Beinn na h Uamha

Summit height 461m total height ascended approximately 651m + approximately 13.5km.

This walk starts from the car park for Rahoy Hills Wildlife Reserve just North of Claggan on the A884. Follow the main track which heads North West then North running parallel with the Black Water River to the West. Initially the track runs on the valley side through a deciduous wooded area, gradually the river and track meet and a wooden bridge provides a safe crossing. Cross the river via the bridge and then leave the track and go up the slope; the valley side and head North West. Initially the three lochans cannot be seen, but after going over a low ridge the lochans come in to sight. Keep the lochans to the North East and follow the contours around Meall Achadh a Chuirn, until the stream from Lochan Beinn Iadain; which is silting up with reeds and grass, is reached. It is important to note that this stream is too wide to leap across, there are no stepping stones or crossing points so even in dry weather the stream can only be crossed by wading across. Once across and dried off head west up the slope to the plateau summit where a cairn marks the top. The return route is in reverse.

Specific Observations:

  • Sundew in flower by lochans and streams / rivers.
  • Golden Plover on the summit plateau, on the ground and in flight above.
  • Red Deer grazing on the summit.


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