Morvern Undiscovered

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Advice Notice

Please Read this Advice Notice Carefully

Act Responsibly

It should always be remembered that Morvern is a working environment and as such when walking, riding or driving in the area respect should be shown at all times to the land and those who work and whose livelihood depend on it.

Always remember

  • Take responsibility for your own actions; there may be consequences,
  • Respect other people's privacy,
  • Care for the environment:
  • Leave gates as you find them;
  • Don't block or obstruct an entrance or track by parking badly;
  • Look for alternative routes before entering a field with animals;
  • Do not feed animals;
  • Do not come between cows and calves, ewes and lambs;
  • Check if there is shooting or stalking taking place - Check signs and information boards;
  • Do not damage fences or walls; and
  • Always keep children and dogs under close control.

For further details on the do's and don'ts check out the Scottish Outdoor Access Code:

Be Aware

Please be careful at all times whilst out and about, if attempting any of the walks, the notes given are for guidance only and not intended to be a definitive route guide. Always take a map and compass and leave word with someone responsible of the route you have taken and give an approximate time for when due back. Always check the local weather forecast in advance and take extra clothing, waterproofs, food and a suitable drink with you.

Remember whilst out and about some of the sights and sounds you may encounter are not always what you want to see; dead animals, skeletons and carcase's are not pretty. It is important to remember that this is a living environment; foxes kill to survive and lambs and injured deer provide such sustenance. In these areas controlled fox hunting with hounds is permitted and keepers of livestock are allowed to set snares to catch foxes. Snares are often placed in known bolt holes in fencing, so always be careful if you walk with a dog, a snare can't differentiate between a fox and a pet dog!

When out and about please do not pick any flowers, do not disturb nesting birds and for goodness sake don't eat any of the fungi you may find unless you have expert knowledge.

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