Morvern Undiscovered

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Glen Galmadale Horseshoe


Meall nam Each, Maol Odhar, Creach Bheinn, Fuar Bheinn & Meal Coire Mhic Gugain

Summit height 853m total height ascended approximately 1380m + approximately 17.2km.

This walk starts from the car park located on the Eastern side of Glengalmadale Bridge. This route involves traversing the ridge horseshoe East to West. From the car park follow the road B8043 past the buildings of Glengalmadale, then strike up the ridge to Creag ah Fhithitch, then lead North over Druim na Maodalaich to Airigh Mhic Bheathain. The ridge varies in width and is predominantly grass with narrow animal paths alongs its top and sides. Be aware that there are cliffs to the East which are severe in gradient and drop down to Loch Linnhe. Continue along the ridge to Meall nan Each and its Lochan. From here the long haul up to Maol Odhar can be seen; a a grassy mound, unlike Creach Bheinn and Fuar Bheinn. Along this section of the walk there is evidence of plane wreckage and on approaching the summit again be cautious as severe cliffs exist to the North. From the summit of Maol Odhar there is a steep descent before a very narrow rockier ascent to Creach Bheinn, the highest point on Morvern. In a shallow saddle approximatley 100' below the summit a number of stone walls exist; some have suggested that these date back to the Napoleonic wars, however these ruins are recorded by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments for Scotland as Creach Bheinn, survey camp and cairn. These ruins are the remains of a campsite, believed to be constructed by soldiers of the Ordnance Survey early in the 19th century as part of the first triangulation of Scotland. From the summit cairn of Creach Bheinn the views are spectacular; Loch linnie and Glen Coe to the North East, the Mountains of Ardgour and beyond to the North and views to the West. From Creach Bheinn there is a long descent to Cul Mham followed by a steep ascent up a grassy slope on to the ridge of Fuar Bheinn. From the summit cairn head South following the ridge over Meall Coire Mhic Gugain to Bealach Coire Mhic Gugain, with Beinn na Cille to the South. From the pass; Bealach, the descent is very steep to the East heading down in to Glen Galmadale, there is no path or way to follow and there are a number of streams that flow down the valley side. On reaching the valley bottom follow the side rather than going to the river; there are a number of streams and drainage channels that feed in to the river and will need crossing. Keep a look out for the stalkers track that is to the west of the small reservoir.


Please note as with all walks this route can cause severe problems in and after bad weather. This is a horseshoe route along very exposed ridges so the ascent will be more difficult in strong winds. The descent down Coire Mhic Gugain is very steep and involves crossing a number of tributaries before reaching the valley bottom, which after heavy rain may cause problems.


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